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Since 1999, Civas Clinic has served a great number of patients from both Turkey and abroad in plastic,vascular and dermatologic surgery.

Civas Clinic incorporates a certified plastic surgeon (ASPS Corresponding member of American Society of Plastic Surgeons- Turkish Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons), a vascular surgeon (ESP European Society of Phlebology- ESCVS European Society of Cardiovascular Surgery) and a certified dermatologic surgeon  (ISHRS International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery- ESHRS European Society of Hair Restoration Surgery- Trichologist Society) with very good recognition.

Our surgeons’ primary goal is to accomplish designed solutions based on patients’ requirements and attain balance, proportions and a natural look safely.

Non-surgical or outpatient procedures are performed in a well-equipped medical atmosphere in Civas Clinic which is a considerable advantage to our patients in terms of safety and convenience. Surgical procedures are performed under general and regional anestesia in Akay Hospital which is installed on international standards.Hospital has also international affairs specialist for foreign patients.

Civas Clinic offers the patients complete range of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. These are undertaken by leading anestesiologists and surgeons using the state-of-the-art equipments and the most advanced methods.

The success of Civas Clinic is built on quality care standards.All our staff are trained to focus on what is right for you.You will always be given impartial advice on the best and least-invasive treatment to achieve your desired result.

Your initial, free and no-obligation consultation will be with a specialist surgeon.

Most of all, Civas Clinic takes the stress out of booking for the accomodation and the transfers. All arrangements will be made by our professional team. You will be assisted with the staff speaking English, German, Russian and French.

You will also enjoy the very best pre- and post-operative care and can have absolute peace of mind, because we are dedicated to the highest standards of treatment.

In order to meet our friendly and warm atmosphere and for free consultation with our doctors please call us. +90 312 437 0737